1.     Training service dogs is my #2 passion, photography is #1.

2.     I am a military veteran having worked as a vehicle mechanic in the US Air Force.

3.     I have a 2-year-old son who is my life.

4.     I have an obsession for tacos as does my best friend. Hence, we are best friends. LOL

5.     I have a lot of tattoos. Is 20+ a lot? Opinions vary.

6.     Humor is my “go to” personality trait. Who doesn’t love a bit of humor?

7.     I prefer arriving early instead of late to avoid feeling rushed.

8.     I completed my college degree while navigating pregnancy, child birth and being a new parent.

9.     I am overly in love with animal kingdom!

10. I don’t like to let people down, ever! I am very hard on myself.

11. Target is LIFE. Yes, the store.


Now for the mushy stuff... The story behind the BIG PICTURE...

Photography has been a hobby for years, even in the military, but I never dipped into it professionally. It never crossed my mind. Taking photos for others in the style I always dreamed about, seemed like a higher standard than I could achieve. This business started because of my passion for taking pictures of my new baby. So, I finally took the leap and pursued my hobby as a full-time career.


After purchasing new equipment and diving face first into editing, I realized that I truly love this business. The story behind the photo, trying to make it as perfect as possible and the occasional difficulty of the shot, all made my heart bleed photography. I learn something new every day and I know I’m far from perfect, but I provide my clients beyond 100% of myself. I try to operate outside the norms of photography with budget friendly options, flexible hours and honesty upfront service. I’ve had inclement weather and uncooperative subjects, but nothing has stopped me. I want to keep moving forward with integrity, humor and the ability to provide budget friendly photos because I love every second of it.


Photography is so much more than my job. It’s a dream come true. I am meeting incredible new people who often move from clients to friends as they allow me to capture their lives, their love, their happiness and their memories while snuggling their babies, meeting their families and sharing their moments. Live life for the moments, not the money. I get to spend time with my little boy while showing him the world. My clients are the reason and I say THANK YOU! I am blessed because of my supporters and customers.